There have been lots of debates over the digital photography and film photography. We all know that digital photography has lots of advantages over film photography. But we can’t just assume, we have to know why digital photography has lots of advantages over film photography.

I will take my time to compare both cameras: digital camera and film camera. And I will also give you the advantage of digital photography over film photography. So lets begin.

  1. When it comes to cost, digital camera is cheaper than film camera despite what anybody says. Because you don’t need to spend lots of money on buying film rolls and film processing even after you have purchased the camera.
  2. When it comes to memory, digital camera is better than film camera. Digital camera has a bigger memory. But the memory depends on the amount of memory you bought. When it comes to film camera’s memory, it is smaller because it is limited to the size of the film roll.
  3. When it comes to durability, digital camera is more durable than film camera. That’s because digital camera have less moving parts that can wear out, while film camera has more moving part that can wear out, so it is not durable.
  4. Digital camera is more convenient than film camera.

Now that we have talked about the benefits of digital camera over film camera, I guess we are already getting an edge on why digital photography is better than film photography. So now let’s talk about why you really need a digital camera.

Digital camera gives you the chance to take a picture and review it immediately after you take it to see if you like it or not. You can also adjust the camera settings with a digital camera.

With a digital photo, you can also transfer the photo you like to a compute and edit them. You can also print your photos in any size. What’s more? you can also email the picture to your friend, store the picture on the cloud, and share the picture on social media.

Digital camera have more advantages, digital camera saves money and time (in a way). When you use a digital camera, you don’t need to buy rolls of film and spend lots of money of film processing.

So now we can see how digital camera is time-saving, and money-saving.